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Distinct Achievements in India

ISD note worthily identified gaps prevailing in the Government Hospitals in India and were able to cater same with innovate diagnostics solutions.

This was possible due to the smooth penetration into this selected segment having used the valuable achievements in Sri Lanka (ISD being the market leader of this segment).

ISD’s achievement in Sri Lanka was considered as a pilot project (for Big Continents such as India) as it was an ideal sample size and also one which is groomed with highly qualified Doctors such as Cardiologists and Consultant Physicians

ISD is now serving most of the “A” grade Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka and two Hospitals in Mumbai and One Hospital in Delhi

In January 2014 ISD LABS PRIVATE LIMITED INDIA launched the Cardiac Bio Markers and other (D-Dimer, NT-Pro BNP,CRP, hs-CRP,PCT) related diagnostic test kits to cater and to fill the vacuum prevailing in selected segments (ETU,CCU,ICU, Night Labs) in ‘A’ grade(3000 beds and above) Government Hospitals