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In June 2007 ISD Associates (Private) Limited Launched ISD LABS as its subsidiary which is a “State of the  Art Laboratory”. ISD labs mainly caters to the patients of the National Hospital (the largest Government hospital in the Capital of Sri Lanka) and is located in the same Hospital Square of the National Hospital.

ISD Labs which is situated (at Hospital Square) in close proximity to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka which has 72 Wards and also within reach to the De Soysa Maternity  Hospital,  the cardiology Unit, the Neurology Unit, the Eye Hospital, The Orthopedic Unit, the Lady Ridgeway Pediatric Hospital, Castle Street women’s Hospital, the Epidemiology Unit, The Medical Research Institute and the Faculty of Medicine.


ISD Labs gives 50% discounts on Doctor’s request for less fortunate patients on the above tests as a service by ISD Labs.

ISD Labs reaches out to the rural areas of the country where free Laboratory tests are done on Poya Holidays.

A special emphasis of our laboratory for the benefits of the patients

ISD Lab is People

Dedicated people who understand that behind every specimen and result, there is a human life. Our employees play a critical role in healthcare delivery and enable better healthcare choices by providing unsurpassed diagnostic insights to our customers. ISD Labs employees are dedicated to serving our customers, and our Vision, Mission and Values guide everything that we do.

Our Unwavering Mission

We constantly provide high quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. We place the needs of each individual patient first. We emphasize courtesy, compassion and professional expertise. We are always looking to optimize the accuracy of testing, the promptness of service our responsiveness to cilents‘ needs.


The patient comes first in everything we do. We strive to provide every patient and every customer with service and products of uncompromising quality— error free, on time, every time. We do that by dedicating ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the services we provide


Credibility is the key to our success; therefore, all of our processes, decisions and actions ultimately are driven by integrity. We are honest and forth right in all our dealings with our customers and with each other. We are responsible corporate citizens in the community we serve. We strictly comply with the laws and regulations governing our business, not only as a legal obligation and as a competitive necessity, but because it is the right thing to do.


Innovation We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance patient are and provide value to our customers. We support the creativity, courage and persistence that transforms information into knowledge, as well as through experimentation, with the full understanding that we learn from our failures as well as our successes.