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Welcome to ISD Labs, Provider of dependable, affordable & novel Point of Care (POCT) diagnostic solutions to the Healthcare Sector.

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Our Motto

“Partnering for a better Health Care Culture”

Our Vision

To be a true provider of High Quality Health Care Facilities to Patients by Partnering with dedicated Medical Professionals in the Industry, ensuring availability at an affordable price.

Our Mission

To achieve Market Leadership through: Partnering and networking amongst dedicated Professionals and Bodies to identify needs of Patients and Clients in Key Markets and offering solutions that go beyond satisfaction Grooming Employees to adopt more Socially responsible behavior in all we do to ensure patient’s recovery and Comfort. To be the best Health Care Company in the country that is always stable and that provides fast but dependable solutions to patients at all times. Set an Example as a Company that Eradicates corruption and malpractice in the Health Care Industry to the best of our ability Partnering with reputed innovative product manufacturers across the Globe for required products.

Our Values

Our corporate strategy defines the kind of Company what we are known for in this industry, “service to a human life comes first”.

About Us

ISD launched its initial operations in the year 1996 and owing to its strong relationships built with its customers in the Medical profession learnt that there were gaps in the industry in the Health care industry that needed immediate attention to improve specific areas in the emergency care units of Hospitals.

In enhancing the corporate status of its presence in the industry ISD upgraded itself to be incorporated as a Company in the year 2004 dedicating itself to cater effectively to the needs in the emergency departments of Government Hospitals by providing solutions of Medical Diagnostics in the emergency Departments in Sri Lanka and in India in the year 2010.

Intensive surveys carried out with large volume government hospitals in India and pilot projects carried out in neighboring country Sri Lanka which is of a smaller sample size gives the confidence to the company to pursue further in tying up partnership with world renowned manufacturers and the formulation of custom made clinical diagnostic solutions meeting the emerging trends of the future.

The first step of our successful launch was the Cardiac Bio Markers which was followed by other related Bio markers which are now being used extensively.

ISD whilst  partnering  with world renowned manufacturers of integrated innovative clinical diagnostic solutions to meet the future trends in the industry and adequately geared up with laboratory facilities for quality control testing, research and development programs tied up with clinicians for  feedback and reference points through  leading Government Hospitals is a remarkable achievement.

ISD being in the forefront to be the first company to partner with manufacturers for tailor made test kits to suit the clinicians’ requirements and to enhance the prompt decision based treatment owing to early diagnosis which benefits in early and effective management of patient recovery.

It is noteworthy that ISD has achieved world record volumes on selected tests in hospitals owing to its fine tuned and well-focused concept strategies. This was made possible owing to the dedication and the passion that our dynamic team of Application specialist rendered towards the Company’s vision.

ISD is adequately equipped with remarkable strengths  to reach future global demands in the medical diagnostic segment specifically focused to cater demands in the emergency point of care testing facilities with dependable  results at the shortest turnaround time to manage patients effectively.

Customer Service

"27 Years of Healing Hearts and Transforming Lives: Your Trusted Medical Partner"

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